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Welcome to our fertility clinic, where we balance nature and science to create the best treatment plan for you

The journey to a more natural IVF

We established NatuVitro to help women struggling with infertility challenges conceive in an as-close-to-natural way as possible, while utilising the most advanced technologies and science-based methods. We take the less-is-more approach, and avoid unnecessary medications, invasive procedures or aggressive hormonal medication – resulting in a healthier womb, mother and child.

After years of working with women from all over the world, we took note of their unique experiences, circumstances and success stories. We recognised that there was a better way of doing things and so we set about re-thinking conventional IVF treatments. Our new-generation range of Natural IVF Treatments are designed by pioneers in the field. 

Your eggs first

Conventional clinics are often quick to propose egg donation as the only option once a woman reaches a certain age. We prefer to explore a realistic alternative to egg donation and developed our highly specialised Mild IVF Treatment to help women with +Low Ovarian Reserve make use of her own eggs. The results we have achieved give new hope to even the most challenging of cases.   

We respect your time, your health and your budget

Our Virtual IVF Clinic gives you the option to experience a highly personalised NatuVitro IVF treatment plan in the convenience of your home country, decreasing the stress often associated with travel and therefore increasing your well-being.  Any procedures that can’t be done via the online platform – such as blood tests, ultrasound scans, sperm tests, sperm freezing, etc. – can be performed by one of our many licensed partner clinics throughout Europe.


Our support of the +Green Bioethics movement has put us onto a more sustainable path so that our planet can support the needs of present and future generations. Just as you can trust us to find the best natural solutions for you, we tread lightly on the planet too. Not only are our treatment plans more environmentally friendly, but we also eliminate unnecessary plastic, we reduce general usage, and we reuse and recycle wherever possible in our clinic and laboratory. 

Our promise to you

We hear it often: fertility doctors ignore the woman and only focus on her body. We promise to take a 360° approach to your treatment. We will not just listen to you, but we will hear you. We will ask questions, get to know your journey and learn about your cycles and rhythms. And together, we will then harness this knowledge and enhance your body’s natural science to achieve our dream of you becoming a mother and growing your family. We will treat you as a partner and be with you every step of the way no matter what. That’s our promise to you.

Tour the NatuVitro clinic

The new NatuVitro clinic is conveniently located in sunny Barcelona. Beautifully decorated and very comfortable, it is also one of the most technologically advanced in Europe. Its dedicated IVF lab is equipped with the latest embryology technologies allowing it to offer the best pregnancy results.


Advantages of the Embryoscope Flex

Embryos get the best chance to succeed

Once inseminated, your embryo starts its natural growth in an incubator. The Embryoscope Flex is equipped with micro cameras that enable the biologist to monitor the development of every embryo, without disturbing or modifying the ideal temperature and protective atmosphere inside the incubator. As we know, a monitored and stable incubation greatly increases success rates.

Quality vs quantity

A key differentiator of natural treatments is that we focus on quality eggs and embryos rather than quantity. The Embryoscope Flex enables us to more easily identify the most viable embryos.

Additional layer of security

The machinery also helps us pinpoint the correct time to remove your embryo from the incubator. This means it is only transferred or vitrified once ready, which guarantees full traceability and quality control.


Our Values

An integrated approach

We believe success rates are not achieved by science alone. Psychological and social factors all play a significant role in conception, which is why our NatuVitro team is a rare blend of best-in-class specialists who are genuinely invested in supporting you and your loved ones during your time with us.

Fair pricing

We want to free you to focus on becoming a mother, not on your bank balance. That’s why our treatment plans are fair, fully transparent and inclusive, without compromising the quality of our services.

Respect and dignity

We promote human rights and human dignity. We actively foster a peaceful, just and inclusive environment in which there is zero discrimination in terms of ethnicity and cultural diversity. We welcome clients from all corners of the globe.

Unique legal environment

Spain’s favourable laws allow for unlimited blastocyst culture and embryo freezing, which is essential when it comes to achieving positive results for patients with low ovarian reserve. Please note however that we always follow and respect all applicable local laws and legislations.

Best in breed equipment

Achieving successful IVF results is a combination of having a trusting bond with our patients and a great team armed with the best tools in the world. And the Embryoscope Flex is just that. Considered to be the global gold standard in IVF incubators labs, the Embryoscope Flex is specifically developed with Natural Cycle and Mild Stimulation in mind, making it the perfect fit for NatuVitro. We are the first fertility clinic in Spain to have this best-of-breed incubator in our lab and we leverage its phenomenal technology in all of our natural and mild stimulation treatments, including the more traditional IVF treatments that we perform. In short, NatuVitro gives you the best of both worlds – access to the best equipment typically found in big fertility centres coupled with the personal attention of a boutique clinic.

Meet the team

Dr. Iñaki

Dr. Iñaki Gonzalez-Foruria

Nº COMB: 40780

Specialist in Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine

Physician specialized in Gynecology, Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Fetal Medicine. Medical School at Universitat de Lleida (Spain). Completed Medical studies in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (Spain). PhD degree in 2018.

 Currently working on endometriosis, ovarian reserve and embryo implantation research.


Dr. Iñaki

Dr. Rebeca Begueria

Nº COMB: 40754

Specialist in Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine

Gynecologist specializing in reproductive medicine
Dr. Beguería is a faithful reflection of the spirit of NatuVitro. Her daily clinical practice has as basic pillars: Scientific rigor, evidence-based medicine, as well as personalization, and patient accompaniment, in order to obtain an integrative vision in the reproduction processes.

At NatuVitro we have verified that working as a team with other specialists trained in the main areas that have an impact on reproductive health is essential. The type of diet, dietary predispositions and intolerances as well as lifestyle habits and, above all, emotional well-being make the experience of the treatments and their results totally different.urrently working on endometriosis, ovarian reserve and embryo implantation research.


NatuVitro is a member of the
Competence Network, IVF-Naturelle ®

NatuVitro is currently the only clinic in Spain to be a member of Europe’s highly regarded Competence Network to carry out the IVF-Naturelle® technique – using milder forms of Vitro fertilisation as well as methods that have been optimised over several years at the University Hospital for Women in Bern, Switzerland. Each member centre has a high level of expertise and is committed to documenting their treatments in detail and consistently study their work with the centre in Bern to guarantee high quality and constant optimisation.

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