Artificial Insemination
in Natural Cycle

A natural approach to that beautiful moment.

What is Artificial Insemination?

Artificial Insemination (AI) – also known as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) – is when healthy washed sperm is introduced directly inside the uterus when you are ovulating. This greatly improves your chances of conceiving without having sexual intercourse.

What makes our treatment better?

We are specialists in aligning our treatments with your body’s natural cycle. Not the other way around. NatuVitro is one of the only fertility clinics in the world to offer Artificial Insemination in Natural Cycle.

We care about your health and that of your future baby. And because we keep a close eye on your body’s natural rhythm, we know exactly when to inseminate without the unnecessary use of hormones. This means no daily injections or risk of multiple pregnancies – just a safer and healthier journey for mom and baby.

Working in harmony with your natural cycle is also less expensive, less invasive and given the no-to-low use of hormones, you can do consecutive treatments in consecutive cycles as your body doesn’t need to recover from the effects of aggressive hormonal intervention. Waiting 30 days between cycles is hard enough as it is – we view every cycle as an opportunity to conceive.

What’s more, you also have one specialist working with you who is supported by a full-service team, including a personal coordinator who will take care of any other needs you may have, like making travel arrangements, booking appointments, child-minding services and more. This is a momentous time in your life and we are here to make sure it is as comfortable and stress-free as we possibly can.

What Artificial Insemination is not

It’s important to know that Artificial Insemination is not a solution to infertility, but rather a helping hand in special cases where access to sperm is limited or unavailable.

Is Artificial Insemination in Natural Cycle the right treatment

for me?

Yes. And we have the natural IVF success rates and client stories to prove it.
You can benefit from Artificial Insemination in Natural Cycle if you:

  • Are between 18  and  35 years old.
  • Are physically able to conceive and carry a baby to term.
  • Are looking for donor semen.
  • Are in a  lesbian partnership requiring donor semen.
  • Are impotent /sterile or experience erectile dysfunction.
  • Are a carrier of an infectious disease, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and  need sperm washing.
  • Are at risk of a hereditary or chromosomic disease and donor semen is needed for a healthy conception.
  • In a position where you and your partner are separated for long periods, such as serving in the army or travelling as part of your work.
  • Someone who struggles with physical pain or a psychological factor, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that interferes with sexual intercourse. cancer.

What can artificial insemination not do?

If you are having regular sex (once to twice per week) and not falling pregnant, then Artificial Insemination would be a waste of time and money. Our  Natural Cycle IVF would be a better method of treatment to achieve your goal of becoming a mother.

How artificial insemination in natural cycle works

Naturally, your dedicated NatuVitro fertility specialist will have an in-depth conversation with you that is aligned with your specific fertility needs. But here is a simplified version of how Artificial Insemination in Natural Cycle works:



Ovulation Control

We get to know your body. Using ultrasound monitoring, coupled with our knowledge of your menstrual cycle, your doctor will pinpoint the exact moment you ovulate. In some instances, ovulation is induced by means of a trigger shot, which improves accuracy even more. However, unlike traditional clinics that use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) which replaces the natural Luteinizing hormone (LH) surge, NatuVitro only uses medication that induces the natural LH surge.


Semen  Collection & Freezing

Your partner’s semen is collected and frozen. Following best practice standards of excellence, our specialists prepare and store the semen until your body is ready for insemination. If you are using donor sperm, this has already been prepared and frozen by the donor sperm bank.  We take safety and traceability  extremely  seriously. Our  IVF lab  is equipped with  one of the most sophisticated double security systems (among others),  designed to eliminate any handling errors.



When the time of ovulation is right, we thaw and prepare the semen in our laboratory. We place it into a cannula and then introduce it into your uterus. The procedure is simple, risk-free and relatively painless (it feels a bit like having a pap smear), and is carried out in the privacy and comfort of the consultation room.



15 days after insemination, we take a blood pregnancy test. You will also have a follow-up appointment where we check in to see how you are feeling physically and emotionally and talk about the next steps.

Treatment cost



Dedicated Patient Assistant
Follicle/Cycle Monitoring
Scans and/or hormonal tests at NatuVitro
IVF Witness Security
1 Insemination
Pregnancy test at NatuVitro
8th Week monitoring at NatuVitro


Does not include:

Medicine, if any
Mandatory tests required by law

Total cost: €800



Dedicated Patient Assistant
Follicle/Cycle Monitoring
Scans and/or hormonal tests at NatuVitro
IVF Witness Security
European donor sperm
1 Insemination
Pregnancy test at NatuVitro
8th Week monitoring at NatuVitro


Does not include:

Medicine, if any
Mandatory tests required by law
Genetic Matching

Total cost: €1300

For rare phenotypes, please contact us

Common Questions

Visit the FAQ page

How long does the Artificial Insemination in Natural Cycle process take?

Everything we do centres around your body’s natural rhythm and menstrual cycle. The average Artificial Insemination in Natural Cycle process takes between 10 to 14 days.

What is sperm washing?

HIV is found in the semen of HIV-positive men. To prevent the transmission of the virus, we wash the sperm using a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins at a high speed to concentrate and separate the sperm from the seminal fluid. The sperm is then twice purified in a solution to remove all unwanted substances, including HIV.

Where is the sperm stored and how long has it been in storage?

Preserving eggs, sperm, and embryos is an enormous responsibility. This is why we have state-of-the-art secure-access rooms equipped with sensors and alarms that are monitored around the clock. Sperm, be it your partner’s or a donor’s, can safely be stored for as long as is needed.

What are the pregnancy success rates for Artificial Insemination in Natural Cycle?

Your success rate is greatly influenced by your age and the timing of the procedure. In other words, it is difficult to give you an accurate success rate, but your doctor will discuss this with you in person based on your personal set of circumstances.

Treatment Options