Meet Dr. Iñaki González Foruria, NatuVitro’s medical director


Natural IVF is gentler, offers best success rates


Personal attention of an experienced team

Why choose NatuVitro

Experts  in Low Ovarian Reserve

Low egg reserves don’t automatically mean you need egg donation. Our Mild IVF treatment offers a realistic opportunity to conceive using your own eggs in a less invasive way.

avoid unnecessary medications, invasive procedures or aggressive hormonal medication

Specialists in Natural Cycle IVF

We believe fertility treatment should align with your body’s rhythm, not use medicines to control your body. Our approach is already yielding better success rates and healthier pregnancies.

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Personalised solutions where you are

Our global network of licensed partner clinics means you have the option to experience a highly personalised NatuVitro IVF treatment plan in the convenience of your home country.

Positive Success Rates

We listen to you, your body and your needs so that we can create solutions that improve your chances of falling pregnant, naturally and more healthily.

All-Inclusive Rates

We want you to be free to focus on your fertility journey, not the budget. That’s why we offer fully transparent and fully inclusive pricing packages. No hidden costs.

We speak your language

Enjoy personalised attention and treatment in your home language. We speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, making us a preferred assisted reproduction clinic for international clients.

Tour the NatuVitro clinic

The new NatuVitro clinic is conveniently located in sunny Barcelona. Beautifully decorated and very comfortable, it is also one of the most technologically advanced in Europe. Its dedicated IVF lab is equipped with the latest embryology technologies allowing it to offer the best pregnancy results.


We give embryos the best chance to succeed

We use the state-of-the-art Embryoscope Flex, which provides a stable, monitored environment as embryos are not be removed from the incubator until it is ready to be either transferred or vitrified. Embryo evolution can also be recorded, giving you a valuable keepsake of this journey.


NatuVitro is a member of the Competence Network, IVF-Naturelle ®

NatuVitro is currently the only clinic in Spain to be a member of Europe’s highly regarded Competence Network to carry out the IVF-Naturelle® technique – using milder forms of Vitro fertilisation as well as methods that have been optimised over several years at the University Hospital for Women in Bern, Switzerland. Each member centre has a high level of expertise and is committed to documenting their treatments in detail and consistently study their work with the centre in Bern to guarantee high quality and constant optimisation.

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